How To Prevent Ticks In The Yard

Ticks in the yard can be a problem if you love to spend time out in the grass. Ticks can transmit diseases, cause painful bites, and can just be a major annoyance whenever you see them hopping around. If you are needing to reclaim your yard from all of these ticks and other bugs, you can do several things to fight back.

Instead of breaking out the pesticides and bug spray, you can instead focus on preventing ticks in your yard and making sure they go anywhere but your yard. Most of these are very natural remedies that will be safe for your kids and your pets, and you can use them without fear.

Every tick control services in Parker will tell you that ticks and other bugs love to hide in the tall grass and in very dark places in your yard. The first way to prevent ticks from making homes in your yard, is to keep your yard clean. Make sure to mow your lawn, clear any dead brush or firewood, and trim your trees to deprive the ticks from your home.

tick control services in Parker

You can also repel the ticks by using essential oils. For example, cedar oil is a nontoxic repellent to ticks, and you can easily make a mix or water and cedar oil. Spray it on your skin, and watch the ticks recoil from you. Apple cider vinegar is a good repellent if you prefer to use that.

Finally, the last thing that we can do to keep ticks away is to eat garlic. Garlic causes your body to produce a scent that both ticks and other humans will stay away from! If you like garlic, then this can work really well for you.

Preventing ticks doesn’t need to be difficult, and then you can reclaim your yard and get back to having fun in the sun.

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